Media Awards


Photo by Jennifer Trinkle.

Sacramento Press Club

– Winner of Jean Stephens Scholarship for 2017

Journalism Association of Community Colleges

– Feature Profile “Master of his own fate” (2014 state winner) (Third Place)

– Opinions “Psoriasis is only skin deep” (2012 state winner) (Second Place)

Scholarships (via the SCC Foundation)

– Y. Jean Stephens Scholarship in Journalism – Emeriti Affiliates (2014, 2013, and first-ever recipient in 2012)

– Jean Stephens Endowed Scholarship (2015, 2014, 2012)

– The Jean Stephens Memorial Scholarship in Journalism (2016, 2013)

Quill and Scroll

– Excellence in high school journalism (2004)

This page lists my media awards and scholarships. For more information, please contact me directly or view my resume.